Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Cross Crountry

HELLO EVERYONE!!! How are you all today? I am back for another blog post, and for this post today as you saw by the title I am going to be talking about Cross Country. So last week on friday my school, Yaldhurst Model School had our Cross Country and it was tiring ya boy did great but came last so that really sucked but it wasn't my fault about that because I had to do alsot more running than last year. I did 2 laps around the school field 2 laps around the other area/ Park and then 2 laps around the school field again so in total it was

6 laps
in total. Here are some pictures of the day.

i'll tell you the places other students  came,

Mika came first in year 8 Cross Country
Liam came second in year 8 Cross Country
Jacob thought he came third in Cross Country for year 8 but he forgot to do another lap around the park so he came last.

Mia came first in year 7 Cross Country
Nikita came second in year 7 Cross Country
Dion came third in year 7 Cross Country
Teegan didn't run at all
I came last in year 7 Cross Country
so that was my day.

So that's really all I have to say for now tell me if you did Cross Country and remember to comment on my blog and I will see you in the next blog post

Wednesday, 8 May 2019


HELLO EVERYONE!!! How are you all today? I am doing fine, tired but fine. So you're probably wondering by the title, why is today's blog going to be about hockey not ice hockey, just hockey. I'll stop saying hockey now
(Just Stop)
So for the past two weeks we have been training for hockey and when I mean 'we' I mean
Dion, Jedi, Julia, Chloe, Brayden, Liam, and Shay we all have been practising by re-learning how to play hockey for this year and today we practised what would happen in the real game by putting ourselves in different positions which was Attack, Defence, and Goalie. I was asked to be in goalie because I am awesome at it. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
So the other reason why I was in goalie was because my teacher also said I was good at being goalie, witch kinda worries me because I don't want to goalie ever game, so Mrs Taylor if you're reading this don't put me in goalie all the time please. Now normally I would have pictures but I don't so i'll just make my own.

Not my best.
And that will be the end of my blog post hope you enjoyed please comment and I will see you, in the next blog post.


Friday, 3 May 2019

Home Learning Blog Story

Hey everyone how are you all today because I am doing swell so today I am showing you something a little different and that's my home learning blog so it's basically my home work and there are a few activities that I do over the term and this is one that I picked for this week it's pretty quick but it make sense.
So here it is :)

If you cant see the words and your reading this on a chromebook just go CTRL and the search button above the shift button and then press D.

So that's really all for now hope you enjoyed the story so... 

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Welcome to Term 2 2019 | Holiday Story [ Not Finished :( ]

HELLO LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!! How are you all today because I am excited for this term, the week has gone past really fast HA! (rime) Anyway for this blog post I will be telling you guys about what happened in the holidays and I already have it written down because as you saw from the title I have written a story already but I never finished it so that sucks but here's the story anyways.

On the last week of the holidays for Term 1 me my mum my step dad and my cousin went to the top of the south island to camp site in Totaranui, when you fly there it's only a few minutes and when you drive without stopping it takes five hours but since we stopped every time we were in a little town it took us seven hours to get there and we got up at 5:00 and got to the camp at 12:00 ish. When we got to the camp my legs felt dead and it felt like I did the longest nap in the world, so that day when we all jumped out it felt good to move around and smell the fresh air and be out and about. And then we met my step dads parents and I was kinda jealous because the had a hole camper van all to themselves well the probably used it to cook all the amazing food they cook. Soon I went into a big tent with two rooms and when you enter it's just a huge room where you can put all your goods in it. Then me and Tyra had the choice of sharing one of the rooms and my mum and step dad would take the other one, or we could one of us could sleep in the other room and then the other person would take the other so that we would have a room to ourselves and my mum and step dad  would just sleep in the big room so we both decided that we would share a room which was a good idea because it rained most of the time that we were there and the ceiling leaked mostly in the biggest room so my mum and my step dads bed wouldn’t get wet. The next day we were there I didn’t get enough sleep because when I sleeped on the way to the camp I was in an uncomfortable spot and no it wasn’t one of those something was sleeping on top of me and I couldn’t move kind of spots I just meant that I was leaning against the window and my ribs were hurting that night because my ribs were in that angle for so long. Anyway the next day I we were there I woke up and I walked over to the camper the that fine sunny morning and made myself some breakfast I had Nutri Grain and then my Mum told me and Tyra to come to the beach to see the sun rise that was happening. I had never seen a sunrise before and neither had Tyra to be honest Tyra had never gone camping ever.

And that's where I never got to finish but i was close to finishing but there's nothing really to say all I can say is that I walked down the beach and watched the sun set and my mum took some pictures of me and my cousin.
So that's gonna rap everything up I hope you enjoyed my story and please comment if you went on holiday for the holiday HA! (jokes) um sorry but I will see you in the next blog post upload thing,

Friday, 12 April 2019

Easter Fun Day\Creating Hats #1

HELLO EVERYONE!!! How are you all today because I am happy and ready for fun even though its raining but that's not going to stop the fun, anyway like 5 or 10 minutes ago I finished off my quick and easy easter hat and here it is.

Yep it looks pretty good but if you look closely then you will see that the little chicks beek has fallen off and the reason for that is because I was shaking it so much that the beak just couldn't handle it. So that was this morning OH!!! I should tell you about how I made the hat.

Ok so how I made the hat was me a my Mum went to the store and bought stuff like headband rabbit ears, a blue hat and the little chicks on the top. and then my Mum cut holes in the hat and put the ears through the holes and today I just cut the edges of the thingy and glue gunned the chicks and stuff on. oh and the spring on the right ear, or on my angle its left, anyway that's the first thing that I fixed so here's the hole thing.

So that's the everything that i've done so far today so i'll see you in #2

Friday, 5 April 2019

The Student Summit O_o

HELLO EVERYONE!!! How are you all today because I am good, now some school's might have heard of the Student Summit and if you don't then i'll explain it all to you today now the Student Summit is a place where you go with your school to South Hornby High School, and since my school is Yaldhurst School I was representing Yaldhurst. There were other school's there two like Hornby Primary, I think Hornby High and one other school that I can't remember the name of, anyway a week ago the teacher asked me and some other class mates to come to the lounge area and we went to our Gmail and saw a link to a website that took us to the Student Summit website where we sort out what we want to do and we all clicked an activity we wanted to do and bla, bla, bla and today we went to the Student Summit and these are the pictures that she took of us all and a video can you see me at the bottom left corner?


Anyway that should be all for today so


HELLO EVERYONE!!! How are you all today because I am doing awesome and today you're probably wondering why the title of the blog post say's Drawing and i'll tell you right away. So last week The School Council/ Mia, and Mika had an idea of everyone colours in a picture and by the way they were all the same picture but we were able to colour it how ever we wanted to do it but the point was that we had to stay silent and only focus on your own work colouring picture, I would show you some pictures but I can't find any so I guess I should tell you what the hole purpose of the hole thing. Ok so the hole purpose was I think it was to make us calm and relaxed instead of just reading a book. So you could say that it was just to change things up a little bit.

Welp, that's all for now so,