Friday, 6 July 2018

T2 Reflection

Ok so its the last day of term 2 which is sad I know but I will be back next term which will be my anniversary which will be the term that I came here last year in term three but I have made a few mistakes and had a pretty good term have you all had a good term tell me in the comments below but anyways ill show you all my mistakes and good things that happened this term.

Term 2 Reflection

What worked well this term: My reading and math.

What am I proud of this term: my blogging about camp.

How have I shown my YMS hero qualities: I have been helping younger children in the playground if they are stuck on the flying fox or need help getting onto something.

Are there some things that have gone wrong for this term: getting two behavior forms because me and Teegan didn't want to do steps and one other day I spat on Jacob and Toby because I was angry.

What challenged me and how did I work through the challenge: my writing was challenging because I did not understand the write in the third person, or speech marks either. Well, I tried hard and asked for help sometimes. What will be my expertashion next term: listen more on the mat so I understand the posted questions and other work that I need to do.  

Friday, 29 June 2018

NewsPaper Report

Hello, everyone, I'm back yet again with another blog post. Have you had a good week? Because I have. so basically I'm just saying the same stuff that I said last week. anyways on to other matters. So this week I have been creating a newspaper everyone in my class has done it too we only had to do a few things. here's the list.

  • Have a picture
  • Have who\were\what\and why
  • have an interesting story
  • fall stops, and capital letters

And that's basically all I remember from the list. but I can show you all my almost finished newspaper report.

 And that's it. So goodbye and ill see you in the next post-bye-bye.

Wednesday, 27 June 2018


Hello Everyone i'm back with another post how are you all are you having a fantastic day i know i am because i finally have winter sports. YAY! after two weeks were finally having winter sport. but its been grey this week because my teacher Mrs Spragg has been very ill all week but shes finally back and we have all are teachers today YAY!...So here's the deal if you can come to yaldhurst on a math day that would be really helpful because it really would be because i have been doing math measure mint i'll walk you thru it. so say you had a rouler and you wanted to measure a table and it said that it was 3m long and if you wanted it to be 2m long then just cut it. that's basically all i have to say so bye bye.


Friday, 15 June 2018


Hi everyone i'm finally back from camp if you haven't read my other post you should go find it but i have been on school camp so that's why i didn't post anything last week but it was really fun being on school camp here's one picture for movie night if you see someone with a monkey and a batman pillow that would be me.

Can you see me if you can then tell me in the comment section below ill just be showing you pictures with me in it just so you can see what i got up to and see what i look like i don't know if you already sore my face :|

i'm in the background.

thats me doing archery.

Im at the end of the table.

So that's mostly what i did last week i'll post something next week ok.
(I know your reading this mum >:\)

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

I will not be posting on friday :(

Hello everybody i'm sorry that i don't post anything last week but im i making a post early because tomorrow i'm going on camp with the year 5 & 6 and i'll be back on friday after school so i'll be away and might not post anything so sorry about the camp will be fun because there are so many activities there like Go Karting, and Bungy Jumping, also there a fling fox witch that will be so fun and there so many other activities to do there. i have seen the a picture of are cabins but it was not really a proper picture it was just a two sided picture if you know what i mean so i'm really excited to see mine. well i think thats ive said everything about the camp and ill uh see you all next week have a good day. :)

Friday, 25 May 2018

Books in a box.

This week i have been sick and i only got back on wednesday and not knowing what my class has been doing but we have gotten a box every day since monday i-I think. Anyway we got a book in the box and the book that we got on wednesday was a story coold The First Hippo On The Moon written by David Williams it's a really good book and funny you should go buy it and read it or ask your teacher to get one if you want to listen to it. oh and also we had a parent interview as well.

here's some pictures. 

Friday, 18 May 2018

Math tiles

Hello everybody have you had a good week I know I haven't I'm not even finished with my math investigation yet. Well anyway as I said before I have not finished my math investigation well i'll walk you through it so say you are at a restaurant and you saw a pattern on the floor black and white and there were math problem on the floor like two times three eakwills how can you answer that without your hands.

Tell me in the comments below.
Good luck and i'll talk to in the next post bye bye.

Here's a image by the way.