Thursday, 8 November 2018

I Went Sailing OoO

HELLO EVERYBODY!!! How are you all today because your boy I always happy to be doing write these post's for all of you and it was a cool day on Friday, I went sailing with my class. We went sailing at the Rua Lake it was awesome the down side tho was that we had to get a lesson for half the day. But I found the lesson kind of fun and why do you think it was fun because sometimes me Toby and Jacob would fail and we would just have a big laugh about. Then after lunch we finally got to ride our boats but first we had to put on our life jackets, when I put my life jacket on it felt like I was getting ready to fight a bunch of robots trying to take over an underwater kingdom or something. Then the man told us that we needed to go to the other side of the Lake where we can get on the boat’s and have fun.

Soon after we got to the small edge of the lake we were waiting for our next instruction but we had to wait a little bit because everyone in our class we re really slow and couldn’t catch up to us. Then our class was at the end of the lake and our boats were over there but then I realized that we had to drive other people’s boats because of how small the area was we could only fit a few boat’s on the Lake. Hours had past and I got stuck in a bush in the water I don't know how that happened and why there was a bush in there but I was glad I was in there because Eben’s leg was cut by the motor of the engine so I was glad that I didn’t see that. Then later we had to leave and we went on the bus and went home and it was the coolest day for everyone.

Now Here's some pictures for all of you comment if you saw me in any of the pictures.

I Call This Thumbs Up

I Call This Thumbs Up #2

I Call This Crash

And I Call This One HERE I COME!!!

Ok so those are all the photos I could find and my favorite is HERE I CAME!!! It's the best photo out of them all because that was the same photo when my hat was knocked off and landed in the water it was wet by I was already sweating so it's fine.

Friday, 2 November 2018

My Halloween Costume!!! :D

HELLO EVERYONE!!! How are you all today because your boy is awesome keep smiling it's contagious whatever let's just get into this now I just did a blog post about 3 hours ago but I really wanted to post another one, actually my teacher said that we had too. AND MY TEACHER MRS SPRAGG IS GOING TO BE HERE NEXT WEEK!!! Well, I think its next week or it's the week after but who the heck cares I'm going crazy I just can talk KHVJHGFYUTHJFUY!!!

I just went crazy...oops

And I'm back I went crazy there for a second but I like to keep my blog funny because my blog is named this.

My blogs name is called Layton's Fun Blog that's why I keep it funny and fun. Now back to what I was going to blog about I was going to blog about I was going to blog about Halloween so I went Trick Or Treating and it was really fun and I got so much candy there were other Trick Or Treaters too but before I can tell you that story I have to tell you this story. For Halloween I wanted to dress up as Chucky but I couldn't because I asked mum to late so I had to be something else then I finally thought of what I wanted to be, I wanted to be a zombie with blood on my face my mum did the makeup and it looked so good I was happy of how it looked she even used fake blood to make me look really dead. You know I think i'll tell you the  blog post so its more better.
And that's all I want to say so.
Keep smiling it's contagious :D

Thursday, 25 October 2018


HELLO EVERYONE!!! How are you all today because you know that your boy is always happy to be blogging for ya and teaching you lessons or talking about I've been doing, and speaking of what I've been doing I am going to say what I've been doing in reading time. And for reading this term we are reading a new book called drumroll, please.
yay happy days and, you know what I don't know why I just made it sound like A big thing ill show you what the cover looks like here.
And as you can see its just a boy drowning in the pool with photos and a teddy and a ladder, and what it says on the cover is.
To find the truth sometimes you have to go deep.
And the story is crazy so far so ill tell you the short version and if you want to see half of what I got to then ill put the link at the end of the blog. 
Ok so the story is that there's a boy who's dad died and his mum hated swimming and the boy really wanted to swim, so his mum said yes and did take him but the night before he went they watched Harry Potter 1 and when they finished they her mum said why don't they watch the second one and when they finished they went to bed at 11AM and then the next day he was tired and that's how some of it ended off ecsepped now his mum is sick in hospital with a sore head.

So that was the whole story so far so yeah that's all I have to say so.
Link To the Last Blog. :D

Wednesday, 17 October 2018


HELLO EVERYONE!!! How are you doing today, I am back with another blog post and in the holidays just happened and now I'm back with all my classmates my friends and my teachers they all had a good holiday comment if you had a good holiday. Now today I will be blogging about a new book that we've  been reading and if you don't know last term my class was reading a book called Refugee and that was a really sad story because a character named Josef died at the end of the book and Josef was my favorite character and I'm just really sad that he's dead. but the story ended. So now we are reading a new book called "Boy Under Water" And the story is really good the story is about a boy who has never gone swimming before, and he has never had a bath before and when he really wanted to swim he said that he wanted to have a bath, and when he asked his mum from upstairs she dropped something like a cup or a vase, we were never told what it was but it was pretty funny. And the kid finally had a bath and he was trying to swim but he picked a bubble bath and soon enough he was rubbing his eyes and spitting out water so he had to do the only thing he could do was to splash some water out of the bath to get the bubbles out, then his mum came in and said "HAVE YOU GONE MAD!" and she just forgot about it and washed his hair. then he was clean and that's all I remember the only other things that I can remember is that he wanted to go swimming but his mum didn't want to.
(Comment PLEASE)
So that's all I have to say for now I say this every time I finish a blog that actually took from another blogger and I will give you a link to her Blog.

Thursday, 27 September 2018

I Went To Mount Hutt

HELLO EVERYONE!!! How are you all today now your probably wondering why am I doing another post well that's because yesterday my Mum reminded me that I have not done a blog post about, drum roll, please.
*Drum Roll*
SKIING!!! So yeah it was so fun and I just went to Google Earth and I was really surprised from how far it was from Chris church So here's an image.
And That's an Image of what It is and ill also link to it so that you can see it yourself.,170.6582134,266634m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0x6d2e7fedea4ab37d:0x3655dd1c539c1e4a!2sMt+Hutt!3b1!8m2!3d-43.4716665!4d171.5264441!3m4!1s0x6d2e7fedea4ab37d:0x3655dd1c539c1e4a!8m2!3d-43.4716665!4d171.5264441
The link is huge so sorry that its so bog but it was pretty fun there and if you want to go there you should get some gear and have fun on the mountain that's all I have to say for now so Oh and one more thing I will be linking some of my other blogs so,

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

My Story

HELLO EVERYONE!!! How are you all today because I am amazing  so I have been doing something that I've been working on for I think three weeks now, it's my own story so my whole class has done this a well and they used a think called Flipsnack and I will put the link so that you can try it yourself right here.
it's really cool to use but instead of using Flipsnack I just used a Google slide so that I can show it to you. And I will put it at the bottom so that you can see it so um yeah there's not really anything else to say but I did find someone else's blog and they used A meet afore and the said,
"Blog You Later"
So I will be saying that at the end of my blogs and I will link that person blog right now.
So yeah here's my story now I won't say anything else after the slide so.

Monday, 24 September 2018

Early Post

HELLO EVERYONE!!! How are you all today, now I know what you're thinking why am I doing an early post well that's because in my class I get to give my self a timetable for this week. So I put blog post on because I really love blogging for all of you and because it's getting really close to term four so that's why I'm doing an early post on a Monday.
I have some sad news so next term I might be leaving Yaldhurst Model School next term so I won't be doing any more blog posts so it's a bit sad but I will be still making blog posts on this blog. but if I don't then that will be the end of it so, don't cry ok.
Oh and just one more thing if you have been wondering where Nooby has been well he is on vacation at the moment he is on the Titanic and it might be sinking right now so I hope that he survives so yeah.
Ok, so that's all I have to say for now so I hope you did enjoy and I will do another blog very soon.
(let's hope Nooby survives)