Wednesday, 12 September 2018

The Ozone Layer

HELLO EVERYBODY!!! how are you all doing today I'm back with another post. So I have a question, do you know what the ozone layer as well if you don't know what that ill tell you about it sone. So this week on Friday I won't be blogging because ill be going to Mount Hutt.
WOW!!! I know right but my teachers will be taking pictures I think while I'm up there so on my blog next week ill be blogging again.

Ok so back to my question what is the Ozone layer ill put up a picture to show you what it isWhat is the ozone layer?
So you can already guess that the Ozone layer protects us from the sun and for people who live in NZ will be a bit frightened by this but
the Ozone layer has a split in it and its right over NZ so...
anyways the Ozone layer protects us and is getting thinner and thinner everytime pollution gets to it.
So that's all I have to say for now remember to comment and if you comment I will mention your name witch that hasn't happened yet, so...

Friday, 7 September 2018

HELLO EVERYBODY!!! How are you all today now I know that I did post on Wednesday but I just decided to do it again Just because it's Friday I just feel like doing one right now Not really going to be doing anyway since I'm just gonna be chatting and whatnot on telling you what's happening on my blog. On my last blog, I gotta come into my pay teachers spread and she said She asked what Nooby was and a few people were wondering the same thing. so Nooby is someone who speaks for me Like the pictures that you see in him he teaches you all the lessons and what I've been doing over the past few weeks so it is practically just someone who speaks for me and what not and you no. hopefully, that answers your question to what nooby what Nooby is. By the way, he's not going to be on this blog. Little have to say for now So I'll see you later and me some comments if you want me to do like some lessons or something like that so I see you guys.
And I'm sorry if this doesn't make sense I'm using voice type for this.


Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Maths...again. -_-

HELLO EVERYONE! How are you all today I'm back with another post. since its Wednesday I just wanted to post something. I've learned something new and fun that called algebra it's really easy to learn. but this time ill be talking about what I did not nooby because nooby is playing a battle royale on a Roblox server so give him a good luck in the comments.

Take away the five. and put in 15-5=. Then finally add in the answer.
So that all I have to say for now I hope you get it.
I know its been a really short blog but that's because Nooby has more stuff to say so please comment. and I'm out.
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Friday, 31 August 2018

HELLO EVERYONE! How are you all, now I know that I did a blog post yesterday but I have to do today for some reason it's really weird but you know how teachers are so let's get right on with it. So yesterdays post I did a lesson on how to do fractions but today I'm going to tell you about my inquiry that I did. so before I did my injury I went on a trip with my class.

The trip was really fun we learned about which bin goes in witch and I also learn what materials were used to ale the things.
so let's talk to nooby.

See you later nooby so yes that's some of the things we learned at the lesson so ill see you guys later and if you play Roblox go onto Roblox and then type in nooby_noobs and ill talk to you on Roblox so bye and I'm out.

Thursday, 30 August 2018

This Week\It's Been A Quick One. and math.

HELLO! everybody how are you all today. now already you know what this post is about it is about what I've been doing this week, and yes the week has gone really quick today.
And it also means we're one week closer to being twenty nineteen.
*another sigh*
were here to talk about what I've been doing this week, now if your week has gone quickly I want you to put
#Fast Week
so that I can mention you in my next blog, now I think I've done that before but I forgot to but ill remember this time, ok
fine so maybe ill forget but still its worth a try.
so I'm going to show you some of the stuff that I've done this week, so this week I've been doing something quite fun and I think you'll find it funny when we go talk to nooby
and if you want to talk to nobby and you play Roblox type in nooby noobs.
now let's talk to him
That's all Nooby has to say for now so bye everyone. :)

Friday, 24 August 2018


ELOOOOOO!!! everybody how are you today I am back for another post, now today at my school we have been writing about speeches writing for the past three or two weeks, either way, it was pretty fun but today I will be showing you my speech but not with my friend today I am going to reveal my face, and voice so here take a look a look.
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Its bad isn't it, I was nervous cause I have stage fright
so, yea I'm gonna go now and I hope you enjoyed

Friday, 10 August 2018


HELLO! everybody how are you all today you good, good now today I'm going to be showing you another slide about something and this something is my Birds Of Australia Slide now if you don't know what that is its basically just a slide that's got all my work in it.
(Just one last thing before we start the slide I just wanted to say that well first I know I do a lot of slides and that probably doesn't get me any comments but can you please comment on my blog because I would really apresheat it and I will mention your name if your the first on to comment now lets get right into the like)
sorry if you can't read the labels :(
And I'm also sorry if you can't see what I wrote everything is wrong with the slide so this is my face expression :P
I don't know about this last one if you can see it just right "Not" in the comments and if you can see it say "yay" I don't don't know about the last one IM NOT A YOUTUBER OK! :P
Alright, I hope you enjoyed the slide write in the comments if you enjoyed.