Friday, 6 July 2018

T2 Reflection

Ok so its the last day of term 2 which is sad I know but I will be back next term which will be my anniversary which will be the term that I came here last year in term three but I have made a few mistakes and had a pretty good term have you all had a good term tell me in the comments below but anyways ill show you all my mistakes and good things that happened this term.

Term 2 Reflection

What worked well this term: My reading and math.

What am I proud of this term: my blogging about camp.

How have I shown my YMS hero qualities: I have been helping younger children in the playground if they are stuck on the flying fox or need help getting onto something.

Are there some things that have gone wrong for this term: getting two behavior forms because me and Teegan didn't want to do steps and one other day I spat on Jacob and Toby because I was angry.

What challenged me and how did I work through the challenge: my writing was challenging because I did not understand the write in the third person, or speech marks either. Well, I tried hard and asked for help sometimes. What will be my expertashion next term: listen more on the mat so I understand the posted questions and other work that I need to do.  

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